Cappelletti All'Uso di Romagna

romana style Cappelletti

They are called cappelletti (or "little hats") because of their hat-like shape. This is the easiest way to make them so that they are less heavy on the stomach.

Mix all the ingredients and then taste, checking for seasonings and flavor. If you do not have a breast of capon, use 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of lean pork loin instead, cooked and seasoned as above. 

If the ricotta or raviggiolo is too soft, leave out an egg white, or if the mixture comes out too firm, add another yolk. Enclose this stuffing in a soft dough made with flour and eggs only, using some of the leftover whites. Roll out the dough in a thin sheet and then cut it into disks. 

Place the stuffing in the center of the disk and fold, so as to form half-moon shapes. Then take the two ends, press them together and you will have a "cappelletto".

If the dough dries out as you are working with it, then dip a finger in water and wet the disks along the edges. For the best results, this pasta calls for a broth made with capon, as they do in Romagna, where, on Christmas day, you will find braggarts claiming to have eaten a hundred of them. This can also suffice to kill you, however, as happened to a friend of mine. For a moderate eater, a couple of dozen cappelletti will be quite enough.