Baccala Frito

fried salt cod

The frying pan is an implement used for many lovely things in the kitchen; bit on my opinion, salt cod comes to a most deplorable end it. This is because, since it has to be boiled first and then coated with batter, there is no seasoning that can give it a proper flavor. And yet some people, perhaps not knowing a better recipe, make the concoction that I am about to describe. 

To boil it, put it on the fire in cold water, and the moment it starts to boil, take it off the hearth for it is already cooked. Without doing anything else, it can be eaten like this, seasoned with oil and vinegar.

But let's return to the concoction I mentioned. Feel free to try it, or to send both the recipe and whoever wrote it to the devil. After you have boiled the cod, marinate it whole in red wine for several hours; then dry it with a kitchen towel and cut it into small pieces, removing the spine and bones. Coat lightly with flour and dip in a simple batter made with water, flour and a drop of oil, with no salt. Fry in oil and sprinkle with sugar after it stopped sizzling. If eaten hot, the aroma of the wine is barely noticeable. If, however, you still find this to be an inferior dish, it is your fault for wanting to try it.