Il gusto della cultura 
incontra la cultura del gusto.

The taste of culture meets the culture of taste.

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Il Sapore d'Aprile

Casa Artusi Philippines turns the heat up this summer by hosting exciting classes to be taught by none other than Asia's Best Female Chef 2016 Margarita Fores.

La Sfoglia Di Una Volta

7 April, Saturday

2PM, Ascott BGC


Cibo's Bestsellers Cooking Class 1

21 April, Saturday

2PM, Ascott BGC

Cibo's Bestsellers Cooking Class 1

28 April, Saturday

2PM, Ascott BGC


A Unique Heritage


Casa Artusi’s beating heart lies on La Scienza in Cucina e l'Arte di Mangiare Bene (The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well), a culinary treasure trove of almost 800 recipes culled from home cooks in every corner of Italy. Written by the father of modern Italian cooking, Pellegrino Artusi, the book features not only the core of Italian cuisine, but also the unique heritage that is anchored on rich culinary traditions. Learning at Casa Artusi is achieved through a well-rounded home-style approach inspired by the man who is said to have united many homes through gastronomy.

Margarita Araneta Forés, the visionary behind the M brand, spent years in Italy to learn the fine art and science of Italian cuisine. Working on home kitchens from Florence to Milan, Forés was able to hone her mastery of the local cuisine by exploring markets for the freshest ingredients, and dining at the best restaurants to familiarize with the flavors. With her passion for Italian cooking ablaze, Margarita wanted to share traditional concepts, secrets, and techniques. She then collaborated with Casa Artusi to bring a world-class culinary center closer to home.

From the historic town of Forlimpopoli in Northern Italy, Casa Artusi was established in Manila as the first and only Asian offshore campus of the renowned center. Built to cater to Filipinos and international food lovers, Casa Artusi aims to provide a culinary center that hones the art and science of home-style Italian cooking. At Casa Artusi, learners are provided with culinary knowledge that is deep in history and is rife with wisdom.

    Margarita Forés of Casa Artusi Philippines


Margarita Forés of Casa Artusi Philippines


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